AI for Marketing

Welcome to the “AI for Marketing” course! Let’s embark on a journey to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the implementation and usage of AI tools, project plans and measuring efficiency of AI processes.  

We’ll provide you with an understanding of how AI tools can be applied within marketing. 

We’ll help you evaluate the impact of AI in the business environment. 

We’ll assist you with developing a project plan for implementing AI within your current marketing strategy. 

Meet your teacher

Elizaveta Bazilevici

Marketing professional with diverse experience in content and social media management, event management, building a strong brand, PR & internal communication.

Adept at leveraging creative strategies, establishing brand presence to drive business performance, and supporting recruitment needs.

8 years in marketing,
6 years of IT experience

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Associate Member

Google, LinkedIn and HubSpot certified

Tech Women Moldova Marketing Mentor 2023

Degree in Business Administration & Management

Innovation & Brand Management Certified

Target audience

We recommend the course if you’re:

Ready to implement AI tools in your strategy

Curious about the role of data within AI

Determined to acquire required skills for AI implementation






Personal session

  • 2 times/week
  • personal feedback from the instructor
  • additional materials that stay with you forever
  • additional support on all questions personally from the instructor

Upon completion, you will excel in:

The Foundation of AI

Data and the Application of AI

Evaluation of AI impact for business

Managing AI Processes

Future Trends

Ethical implications of AI


Start of training




Training format


How we teach

Welcome to the journey that will transform your understanding of AI Marketing! We are embarking on an immersive online course designed specifically for marketers eager to discover how they can use AI tool in their activity. 

Throughout the course, we’ll be meeting online 2 times a week, starting at 18:00. 

Start of training




Training format

Online + chat 


2 times a week for 2 weeks, starting at 18:00. 


Course Program AI for Marketing

  • Definitions of keywords
  • Benefits of AI
  • The practical application
  • Evaluation of the AI impact for businesses and the IT sector
  • Required skills
  • Tools to apply AI
  • Impact evaluation
  • How to integrate AI in current marketing strategy and come up with metrics


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